Creating Locations and Location Widgets

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Here we’ll cover how to create locations and setup location widgets in ThemeBright church themes.

Note that not every feature listed below is available in every ThemeBright church theme. Contact us if you have any questions about whether a certain theme supports a certain feature.

Creating Locations

  • Browse to LocationsAdd New in the WordPress admin.
  • Enter a title and description for your location (required).
  • Enter the location’s phone number.
  • Enter the location’s email address.
  • Enter the service times for the location.
  • Enter an address for your location. If you would like to display a directions link, make sure Show directions link is checked.
  • Enter the latitude and longitude of the location. This is required if you want to display a map of the location. This tool is helpful to convert addresses into latitude and longitude values.
  • Select the type of map you want to display on the location page.
  • Select the level of zoom for the location map. Somewhere in the mid-teens is usually good.

Location Widgets

  • Browse to AppearanceWidgets in the WordPress admin.
  • Locate the Locations widget in the left hand column, and drag and-drop to your desired sidebar.
  • Enter a title for your widget. If you enter no title, it will default to “Locations.”
  • Configure the additional widget settings as desired.
  • Save the widget.