Support Policy

ThemeBright aims to give every customer a great experience. Part of that is lending a helping hand when you have questions or things go wrong.

Before You Contact Us

Odds are that you’re not the first person to have your particular question. Before you contact us, check to see if we’ve already answered your question in our Documentation.

How We Support

Support is handled through our private support ticketing system. You can create a ticket here.

What We Support

We’ll happily support any and all ThemeBright premium products within the purchased support period.

What We Do Not Support

  • 3rd Party Plugins: It’d be awesome if every plugin played nice with every theme, but that’s just not the case. We try to make sure our themes are compatible with the most popular plugins, but we cannot ensure compatibility or provide support for every WordPress plugin.
  • Website or Content Migration: We will not support you in migration of your old website or content to a ThemeBright product. We do, however, have some great instructional resources that you may find useful in our Documentation.
  • Non-Standard Theme Customization: Some of our themes include a few customization options (colors, fonts, social links, etc), but anything above these is not something we can support you in customizing.

Support vs. Customization

We understand that it can be a blurry line between support and customization. To help make things more clear, here are some examples of what support is and what it is not.

Support Examples

  • My theme is broken: I’ve followed all the necessary steps to set up the theme, including watching the install video or help documents included with the theme, but still can’t get the theme to work.
  • My theme does not work as advertised: I’ve set it up as directed, but for some reason my theme doesn’t look like it should.
  • My theme has an obvious bug which is preventing me from using the theme properly.

Customization Examples

  • How do I change an element to look or function differently than shown in the demo?
  • I would like to add or remove an element from the header, what do I do?
  • XYZ plugin breaks my theme or causes unexpected behavior.

WordPress-Related Support Inquiries

We will not support any WordPress-related questions or concerns. WordPress has a fantastic support community that will be happy to help you with that. For any more technical questions, the WordPress Codex is a great resource.

Bug Fixes

Code is written by humans and since humans make mistakes, bugs are bound to occur. We’ll do our best to get these fixed as quickly as possible as we discover them and update you quickly. If you discover what you believe to be a bug with a ThemeBright product, please let us know.